A drug discovery company leveraging a proprietary longitudinal clinical genomics database to enable a precision medicine approach to polygenic diseases of ageing.​

Clover Therapeutics has built a drug discovery platform that identifies both new drugs with genetically validated targets, and companion diagnostics to select for responder and rapid progressor populations. Their approach involves linking longitudinal disease progression clinical records with multi-omics data to reclassify diseases according to molecular subtypes, and to identify drivers of rapid clinical progression. This approach is particularly compelling for Clover’s beachhead indication, dry AMD – a heritable polygenic disease with no FDA approved therapies despite being a leading cause of blindness worldwide – for which a limited understanding of disease mechanisms at various disease stages has contributed to a high rate of late-stage drug development failures. Clover has developed a world-leading clinical genomics database that has yielded a pipeline of promising therapeutic candidates and accompanying biomarkers for dry AMD, and has potential to expand to other diseases of ageing.​

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