Affini-T is a preclinical-stage company developing T-cell therapeutics founded by Catalio Venture Partner and immunotherapy pioneer Dr. Phil Greenberg.

Although cell therapies have transformed the care of some liquid tumors, they have shown little to no efficacy in solid tumors due to key issues in T-cell biology and a lack of viable tumor-specific targets. To address these limitations, Affini-T is advancing a novel series of precision T cell therapeutics for solid tumors, leveraging advances made in TCR engineering in the labs of its founders at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center including Dr. Phil Greenberg, founder of Juno Therapeutics.  Unlike other companies working in the TCR space, Affini-T’s platform is differentiated in its combined CD4+ and CD8+ targeting approach, which has the potential to create more sustained efficacy relative to approaches using CD8+ T cells alone. Affini-T is backed by a world-class Scientific Advisory Board which includes Nobel Laureate Dr. Jim Allison and his spouse, Catalio Venture Partner, Dr. Pam Sharma.