A Catalio-initiated venture leveraging cutting edge screening and cell biology techniques to develop novel, pro-cognitive therapies.

Boost Neuroscience is a de novo startup that is using a novel screening paradigm to interrogate the “body-brain axis” and identify targets and therapeutics that promote cognition and prevent neurodegeneration. Synaptic degradation is the hallmark of cognitive aging and neurodegeneration, and there has been little progress and notable failures in recent years to address this underlying mechanism of cognitive decline in aging and disease. Boost’s discovery pipeline is based on recent work from Dr. Tom Südhof’s lab in which he identified circulating factors in young mouse serum that stimulate synaptic connectivity in a human neuronal culture. The company will leverage high throughput screening in human-derived neuronal culture in order to identify new targets that restore and strengthen synapses to address indications ranging from aging to neurodegeneration.