eGenesis is a gene editing company founded by Dr. George Church at Harvard Medical School, developing xenographic organs for transplantation in humans. Porcine (pig-derived) organs have long been viewed as a potential solution for patients needing a transplant given their similar size and function to their human counterparts. However, several hurdles, including a lack of immuno-compatibility and graft rejection, have prevented their use to-date. eGenesis has built a gene editing platform based on CRISPR-Cas9 to remove genes from the porcine germline encoding immunogenic elements, endogenous viruses, and clotting factors; and insert genes that promote graft preservation and immune system compatibility. Based on their promising preclinical data, eGenesis has become the industry leader in xenotransplantation, making rapid progress towards an off-the-shelf source of safe and effective human-compatible organs for patients suffering from end stage organ disease.  The company’s first products will be xenographic kidneys and islet cells to address the growing unmet need for patients with kidney failure and type 1 diabetes.