A biotechnology company pushing the boundaries of proteomics through their high-throughput protein sequencing platform.  

Erisyon is building a high throughput proteomics platform that, like Illumina’s approach for DNA, can piece together the identities of proteins through sequencing in a step-by-step fashion. While tremendous progress has been made in the field of genomics, proteomics has lagged given the lack of an easy-to-use high throughput, high sensitivity method for identifying and quantifying individual proteins and disease-relevant modifications. Erisyon’s fluorosequencing technology addresses these shortcomings with the ability to sequence up to one billion peptides in parallel and identify an increasing number of post-translational modifications with minimal user input. With the anticipated release of their beta instrument, Erisyon has the potential to revolutionize the space by putting high performance proteomics device directly into the hands of researchers and clinicians in the coming years.