Glympse Bio is a clinical stage company developing novel, non-invasive, urine-based tests to detect nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and cancer. The company’s technology was developed in Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia’s lab at MIT. Glympse’s diagnostics rely on “synthetic biomarkers” that act to amplify previously inaccessible molecular changes in disease.

The company’s first product, for the detection of NASH, will be the first non-invasive test to accurately stage and monitor disease progression. NASH affects an estimated 16M patients in the US alone and is currently only diagnosed with a liver biopsy, a painful and resource intensive procedure. For this reason, upwards of 95% of disease cases go undiagnosed. With the first therapeutic interventions for NASH coming onto the market, the Glympse Bio Test System NASH (GBTS NASH) will address this clear unmet testing need in a crucial period for patient care. In addition to the flagship GBTS NASH product, the company’s platform technology can be easily retooled for applications in cancer, including the monitoring of patient response to immunotherapy.