Immunai combines single cell profiling with artificial intelligence to identify the multi-omic signature of successful cancer immunotherapies and accelerate drug development.

Immunai seeks to build a proprietary immune cell atlas by applying multiple single-cell sequencing technologies (TCR-seq, scRNA-seq, and CITE-seq) to clinical samples from cancer patients and using artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret the resulting massive datasets.  This approach will deliver significant clinical insights that address key unmet needs in cancer immunotherapy, including the identification of synergistic combination therapies, molecular biomarkers of response, and mechanisms of resistance.  The Immunai platform can also inform the design of novel T cell therapies by identifying target antigens and phenotypes associated with T cells mediating a strong anti-tumor response. Since company inception in 2018, Immunaihas formed multiple strategic partnerships with leading pharmaceuticalcompanies and built an impressive database of multi-omiccell profiles.