A preclinical gene editing company developing a diverse toolbox of next-generation CRISPR systems.

Metagenomi has developed a platform to identify and engineer novel CRISPR-based machinery for gene editing. Relative to first-generation CRISPR gene editing companies such as Editas Medicine ($EDIT), Intellia Therapeutics ($NTLA), and CRISPR Therapeutics ($CRSP), Metagenomi’s toolbox of next-generation enzymes allows for expanded targets within the human genome and better safety profiles without loss of editing efficiency. This diversity will allow Metagenomi to select the most appropriate tool for each in vivo and ex vivo indication. Metagenomi is developing therapies both in-house and through established high-profile partnerships with Moderna ($MRNA), Affini-T, and Ionis ($IONS). Catalio’s venture partner Phil Greenberg serves on the company’s SAB.