Neumora (NASDAQ: NMRA) is a clinical stage drug discovery company developing precision therapeutics and biomarker strategies for neurological diseases.

Neurological diseases are often ill-defined, classified by their symptoms and severity rather than their underlying biological causes; this has historically translated to low drug efficacy and approval rates. Neumora’s mission is to redefine the paradigm for treating neurological disease. The company’s data science platform analyzes vast pools of pre-clinical and clinical data (both biologic and functional) in order to  define new disease subtypes across  neurological diseases. As each  new disease subtype is likely to respond to a targeted therapy, Neumora’s biomarker strategy can be used to pre-select and monitor patients during clinical trials, thereby increasing the likelihood of success whilst lowering clinical trial costs. The scale of Neumora’s ambition to lead a precision-medicine revolution in neuroscience is exceptional and is supported by strong management and scientific teams and a seasoned investor syndicate.​