Singular Genomics is a disruptive next generation sequencing company developing a faster and cheaper DNA & RNA sequencing platform. Next generation sequencing, specifically short-read sequencing by synthesis, has been dominated by Illumina for the last decade. While Illumina has helped lead a genomics revolution in biotechnology and healthcare, end users have been dissatisfied by >30hr sequencing runs on their instruments and expensive reagent costs. Singular Genomics’s primary innovations are novel nucleotide chemistries that streamline the sequencing workflow, reducing sequencing run times by 50%. Singular’s sequencing reagents are also 50% cheaper than Illumina’s, while still maintaining attractive margins, positioning their platform as an attractive commercial alternative to Illumina’s. Singular Genomics’s flagship instrument, the G4 sequencer, is currently in beta testing with an expected commercial launch at the start of 2022.

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