Singular Genomics (NASDAQ:OMIC) is a disruptive next generation sequencing company that has developed a unique and proprietary next generation sequencing (NGS) technology. Next generation sequencing, specifically short-read sequencing by synthesis, has been dominated by Illumina for the last decade. While Illumina has helped lead a genomics revolution in biotechnology and healthcare, some users desire shorter sequencing runs and less expensive reagent costs. Singular Genomics’s primary innovations are novel nucleotide chemistries that streamline the sequencing workflow, which positions their platform as an attractive commercial alternative to Illumina’s.  Singular is currently developing two integrated solutions that are purpose built to target specific applications: Its first integrated solution is targeted at the NGS market and comprises its G4 Instrument, a benchtop next generation sequencer, and an associated menu of consumable kits, addressing specific applications in markets including oncology and immune profiling. Its second integrated solution in development comprises its PX Instrument and an associated menu of consumable kits, which integrates its sequencing engine to enable single cell analysis, spatial analysis, and proteomics.